How to fix "File in use" error?

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How to fix "File in use" error?

Сообщение DanpetersonUS » Вс фев 20, 2022 10:12 pm

Third-party applications can sometimes cause the error " The file is in use." Users reported that this issue occurred while working with ISO files. According to them, the cause of the problem was an application called Virtual Clone Drive.

After deleting Virtual Clone Drive, the error was completely fixed.

One way to instantly get rid of any software from your PC is to use the services of a professional uninstaller.

Although you have the option to uninstall anything from the Add/Remove Programs window in Windows, we recommend that you use dedicated uninstall software.

Uninstalling from Windows will leave some files associated with the problematic application. This will prevent future reinstallation and cause all sorts of problems.

Special software can find and successfully remove all files associated with the application you want to remove. They can also completely remove stubborn apps that can't be removed using the Add or Remove panel.